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My book Forgiveness is Power is now out in Chinese! 原諒就是力量 原諒,是一門將創傷轉化為智慧的偉大藝術。 擺脫受害者心態,重新找回生命主動權! ? 原諒是一件很困難的事嗎? 如何放下創傷的負面情緒,走出過往的傷痛? Megbook, Hong Kong Kinokuniya, Singapore Wunabooks, Taiwan Iguang, Malaysia CP 1987, Hong Kong Gold Stone, Taiwan Kingstone, Taiwan BookRepClub, Taiwan Eslite  Taaze, Taiwan iReader … Continue reading

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Review Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, Bronwen Stiene

A splendid piece of work. This is a superrb set of CDs by Bronwen Stiene and is relevant to anyone interested in becoming more centred, happier and at peace. What makes it so good is the remarkable way Bronwen uses … Continue reading

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Jin Shin Fee, by Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin is a wonderful healing system which we can use for ourselves or use to help others. It was developed by, Jiro Murai, a Japanese national who discovered it in the early 1900’s while looking for ways to heal … Continue reading

Posted in Book Review | Leave a comment The Unauthorized Biography, Danny White

Like any writer of an unauthorised biography the author, Danny White, did not have the advantage of direct access to (William James Adams). However, unless you are an avid follower of the news about – and know just … Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. by Basant K. Puri

This book is about a lot more than Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. There are implications for a whole variety of ailments which have viruses as a trigger, but as the book mostly sticks to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I will … Continue reading

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